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We believe, the only thing drives human kind is passion. The rest are a by-product of the aforementioned. We believe in Innovation. We are a company which thrives to help people to get a contract job at their will by allowing them to follow their passion.

You might be passionate about mountaineering but don't have the money. You might be passionate about travelling but you don't get the leaves. We are here to drive ourselves away from the nomenclature. We are here to give you a job that allows you to choose when you want to work and to what duration. We believe in giving Second chances for anyone who can dare to do what most people dream of.

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Operations Associate

  • 1–4 Years
  • Bangalore

Key Skill: IT Support, Consultation

Angular Developer

  • 1–4 Years
  • Bangalore

Key Skill: Angular, HTML,CSS,Typescript, Angular CLI




"Workflexi is a fantastic platform for people like me who want to pursue their passion and keep in touch with the corporate world at the same time. I take out atleast 2 months every year to tour with my band, where I am the lead singer!"
- Lokesh Sharma
Financial consultant
"Many thanks to Geetha Prabhu has conceptualized an awesome concept for professionals who can have the best of both worlds. Yes ... a fulfilling career and ample time to pursue one's interests. I am a digital marketing specialist with 10+ years of experience ... often dreaming of work-life balance like many others. I was looking for a job that did not require me to be in office full-time ... And, also gave me enough time to pursue my interests. Workflexi did just that. Now, I have a dream job where I have to work for only two days in a week"
- Revati A S
Digital Marketing Professional
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